Purging & Organizing- (Alternatives to Netflix…)

I personally think Netflix binging is similar to eating Chocolate…feels good at the time but you later hate yourself and wonder what was I thinking :)?  Good for you, it takes courage and determination to get back on track and you have chosen a great way to constructively use this last bit of winter. Now is a great time to purge and organize so that when the warmer weather comes the house is in order and you can enjoy the outdoors guilt free. I promise the return on your efforts will surprise you! This is something I ask of all my clients when selling their homes and 100% of them tell me de-cluttering & reorganizing their physical space had the same proportional effect on their mental health!

My purging rules

Start with cranking up your favorite music – a great motivator and mood lifter! I also find if I am a little cranky it helps me to be more ruthless but be careful, I have learned the hard way to be ruthless with only my stuff 🙂

Focus on one room at a time starting with the room you spend the most time in. Start in one corner and systematically work your way through.

Have 3 boxes in the room labeled: garbage, good will, kijijj. With each item considered on the purging spectrum ask yourself, how many times did I use or enjoy this in the last 6 months….either keep or select one of the boxes.

NEVER touch an item more than once, pick it up and either decide if it is worthy to keep or choose one of the three boxes – no exceptions.

My Organizing rules

The goal here is to reclaim a room that welcomes you by being visually uncluttered, where everything is accessible and easy to find what you want. Starting in the room you spend the most time in, identify what is working for you and what is a source of frustration…for example closets that are overflowing or messy areas that are like magnets for collecting stuff.

Once you identify an area like the front entry / closet. Sort through the accumulation to reorganize and reduce the amount. Seasonal items, (You don’t need winter clothing and boots taking up room in the summer) Box these items and find an area in the basement or garage storage to temporarily remove until the season returns.  Outdated, doesn’t fit or out of style items, place in one of the three purging boxes.

Kitchens have a way of accumulating appliances or dishes you use once a year, find storage space for these in the basement. Kitchens are a pleasure to work in when the cupboards are not an avalanche threat to find what you wanted. Everyone has that one drawer…you know the one with screwdrivers batteries, school lists and last year’s tax return? Find the proper home for everything and leave the few miscellaneous items you really want to keep organized in smaller compartments in the drawer.

Strategies for success selling in a tough economic market


It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent but

the most responsive to change (Charles Darwin)

Seller’s Guide

In a buyer’s market like the current one, many homeowners are unsuccessful selling their house, never mind getting top dollar. Whether it’s a draw of foreclosure properties or just a glut of conventional ones, buyers have more choice than ever. Many put their house on the market and see it languish with barely an offer—and that’s after one or several cuts in the asking price. So, if you really want to sell, we all need to get real and get busy. Here’s some tips for success.

Price It Right
Do your research and make sure you price your house competitively in the first place to avoid needless reductions and undue time on the market. The biggest mistake sellers make today is that they don’t price their homes correctly. If a house sits on the market, people start to wonder, ‘what’s wrong with that property, how come it’s not selling?’” In Calgary Dec 2018, 794 properties sold leaving 4904 properties unsold. Those 794 properties had to be aggressive in price and/or offer superior upgrades and benefits leaving 83.8% unsold.

Living in a boom and bust city, it is easy to want to wait it out for the prices to return to the last high. A little reading from credible sources provides a reality check that value has been reset in our city and it is essential to recalibrate to the new prices if you want to be successful. There are a couple things always intriguing to me. First, that buyers understand this principal immediately but it takes sellers much more time or motivation to come around to the same understanding. Secondly, that all of us recognise and accept the price of oil fluctuations but have trouble accepting fluctuations in the housing market – they are both commodities trading under the principal of supply and demand.

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A Decorator’s 5-Step Bedroom Makeover

Five Steps to a Bedroom Makeover

Gorgeous, welcoming, and tranquil bedrooms: you pin and re-pin them on Pinterest, sigh over them on interior design websites, and drool over their images in glossy home décor magazines. But if you are like many people, you shrug off the idea that you could have a bedroom just as beautiful, just as peaceful, just as cozy, and most importantly, just as much the room of your dreams. And you can do it without spending a fortune. In fact, with the great advice from top interior decorator Lindsay Pennington, you can do it yourself, whatever your budget and whatever your favorite decorating style. Read on for Lindsay’s five steps for a top-to-toe bedroom makeover that can be completed in a weekend.
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Rustic decor ideas in your living room!

Farmhouse style is so cozy! It’s perfect for families as it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Here are 27 beautiful farmhouse living room ideas to decorate your home.

1. Modern Farmhouse TV Decor

Decorate the space above TV with an old window and boxwood wreath.

2. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be the center of attraction in your living room. With this DIY coffee table, you will create beautiful rustic decor.


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