About Rock Realty

In the mid 1990’s I had a dream….I dreamed about a Realtor that could offer a competitive commission structure but still deliver a high level of service.

An entrepreneur at heart, I saw an opportunity…. so in 1997 I left the accounting field in the Oil & Gas industry and became a Realtor pioneering competitive listing commissions. I believed if I was competitive with commissions listing a home I would generate a higher volume of sales giving me greater insight as a Realtor and savings for my client. Success came quickly when I was included in the “Million Dolllar Club” my first full year in business and I never looked back.   

A change in the advertising regulations forced me to either give up advertising my program or open my own brokerage so in 2006 that I made my dream a reality and opened Rock Realty offering two specific program options. Both programs offer great savings compared to the “7% on the first $100K + 3% on the balance” commission structure. Competitive commissions and still a brokerage with experience, strength, with someone you could trust and a Realtor highly respected in the industry.

It has been my pleasure to work with many families over the last 20 years and can honestly say I have enjoyed being part of their success and their journey. Always a surprise to me is that my client’s testimonies focus was not on the commission savings but appreciated that they were well informed throughout the process and my services surpassed their expectations. My goal has always been to give my clients the best I had to offer keeping their interest first and my integrity high.

What keeps me vibrant & interested in this industry is the fact that it is always changing – there is no year exactly the same. The Real Estate Market is driven by the Economy, interest rate & the rules and regulations are constantly changing. I see an advantage in staying ahead of the curve anticipating how to manage change or better still capitalize on how these changes effect a positive successful outcome.

This industry is also based on competition…not every listing sells – you have to have an advantage. I paid attention to DIY reality shows and builders show homes and noted how the show home decor often sold even a bad house plan. It was an easy decision to incorporate staging into my business…a little extra work on my part resulted in success for my clients and offered this service at no extra cost to my clients.

If you, or anyone you know, is buying or selling a home, please call me for an evaluation. There are endless opportunities – let me help you find yours!